Owner/Founder & Social Media Wingwoman


What do you get when you combine a former consultant, actor, screenplay writer, athlete, publisher of an affluent neighborhood publication, and someone whose jam is social media?  Martha Stewart, right?! (or Oprah, etc.) No, come on guys, we made this so obvious! 


Sara Wright has been marketing and branding herself since the ’80s, long before social media marketing even existed.  Her aptitude for understanding others based on emotional intelligence and the intuitiveness she has of her audience has helped her attract many “followers” as they’re known today.  Those who were born before 2000, otherwise known as pre-social media world, will remember these people simply as “friends."

Over the years, Sara has refined her knack for gaining followers in a myriad of ways. That’s fancy for – she’s done a lot of cool stuff! She launched her professional career at Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 company that groomed her business acumen and ultimately allowed her to climb the ranks within the company. Knowing her creative and entrepreneurial spirit was drawing her elsewhere, Sara began pursuing acting, first as a side project and eventually as her full-time gig. Acting led Sara down many interesting avenues and alongside some pretty fancy folks. Ask her for the inside scoop on a few Hollywood names and I’ll bet she’ll break you off a little!

Having exposure to acting and screenplay writing sparked a passion and true skill within Sara. The acting industry had cast her net, extended her reach and influence, and expanded her network. Sara identified an opportunity to promote her brand and those of other actors and began launching and managing their social media content. Never having been one to tackle one project at a time, Sara also decided to just go ahead and build a publishing franchise, deeply engraining herself into the story-telling and social fabric of affluent neighborhoods in her vibrant city of Austin, Texas.

Four successful years later, Sara grew her business to six-figure success and started a new one. Now the owner of SLW Media, Sara is a Social Media Strategist and Brand Management Consultant, helping her clients find their social voices, amplify them across the right platforms, and build a captive audience who will bring their businesses success. Because guess what? Gaining a following that yields a great return takes talent, time and strategy. Present Sara with your passion, your business, and your values and if there's magic there (by "magic" we mean the alignment of values) she will celebrate your labor of love with you. Her zest for life, challenges, and new opportunities is truly unmatched.  You’ll see… and you’ll become her follower, too.