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Owner, Founder & Content Strategist 


Imagine a cocktail made of equal parts Fortune 500 Consultant, Actor, Screenplay Writer, Athlete, Publisher, and Social Media nerd… poured over a magical mix of emotional intelligence and intuitiveness… pretty AMAZING, right? Or Wright…? Sara Wright. This human exists! And she’s here to help you learn from her experiences, so you don’t have to spend the time and energy and burn valuable business hours learning on your own. 

Sara Wright has been marketing and branding herself since the ’80s, long before social media marketing even existed. Her aptitude for understanding others based on emotional intelligence and the intuitiveness she has of her audience has helped her attract many “followers” as they’re known today.  Those who were born before 2000, otherwise known as the pre-social media world, will remember these people simply as “friends."

Sara started her career with Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 company that groomed her business acumen. She exercised her creative spirit by pursuing acting at the same time for over eight years, which eventually led her finding her perfect balance of innovation and business prowess in social media management because in time, she found herself managing accounts for some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Ask her for the inside scoop on a few Hollywood names and I’ll bet she’ll break you off a little!

Now the owner of her own award-winning social media and content marketing company, SLW Media, Sara is a Social Media Strategist and Brand Management Consultant. She and her team of word wizards work to completely remove the burden of social media and content writing from their client’s list of tasks, to amplify their brand across the most relevant platforms, and build a captive audience of ideal customers who will bring their businesses success. Because guess what? Gaining a following that yields a great return takes talent, time and strategy. Present Sara with your passion, your business, and your values and if there's magic there (by "magic" we mean the alignment of values) she will celebrate your labor of love with you. Her zest for life, challenges, and new opportunities is truly unmatched. You’ll see… and you’ll become her follower, too.

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