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Successful Company Owners Outsource - Here's Why.

Updated: May 18, 2022

It’s no surprise that the last few years have sparked extreme change in the job market. From an uptick in remote work to company-wide restructuring and budget overhauls, the way we view the modern day workplace shifted. Now more than ever, companies are restructuring company duties and dollars to discover where they can best utilize employee talent.

Whether you’re a brand new company implementing your first marketing strategy or an established company looking to revisit or reallocate your marketing dollars, deciding between in-house hiring or outsourcing to an agency can make or break your strategy.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty and discuss the top three reasons why you should consider outsourcing your marketing.

It Saves Your Precious Time & Energy

As cliche as it sounds–time is money. It’s becoming harder than ever to find, train, and nurture in-house talent, especially the right talent. Even after you’ve found it, weeks, if not months of resources, are spent on training, onboarding, and ongoing mentorship, with no guarantee of retaining talent long-term. Stopping and restarting that cycle with new talent is time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive (in time, energy, and dollars).

Working with a full-service agency relieves those worries and wasted resources in the rearview. Unlike full-time hires, agency talent doesn’t need to learn all of the inner workings of office and company life, but instead focuses on your mission, values, brand voice, and target audience, right out of the gate and then puts their proven systems to work. And you get to choose just how involved you want to be. WOW, doesn’t that sound lovely?

Leave The Expert Work to the Experts

You wouldn’t hire a nurse to do your taxes or an accountant to provide healthcare–right? Let’s hope not.

Let’s think of marketing the same way. Professional marketers are the experts in what they do and can offer your company industry-leading methodology and implementation at the push of a button. They have spent their entire existence building, improving, and perfecting their systems to achieve top-tier client results. Often, attempting to replicate that on your own, leads to massive time wasted and frustration with little to no success.

Too often, we hear of social media or other marketing responsibilities being added to an employee’s plate who is most likely already at capacity. No one will deny that marketing is a full-time job in itself so adding this role to a high-performing employee will often trigger lack of performance, if not affect your turnover rate.

Outsourcing your marketing efforts to a professional team eliminates in-house stress and reduces overhead costs long-term (by not having to recruit, hire, and train a full-time employee for the role), and is fully backed by leading tools, technology, and expert insight from industry leading professionals you can trust.

Get Real, Quantifiable Results

Professional marketing agencies not only offer streamlined, stress-free marketing management, but they also focus on the results and what can be optimized to make things even better.

The world of digital marketing is ever-changing, with new updates and technology being released almost daily. Not only do professional agencies have experience to walk- the-walk, they stay up to date on all of the latest and greatest trends to ensure your marketing strategy is always fresh, relevant, and speaking to targeted consumers.

Case Study

When we were hired to work with a successful Texas-based Real Estate Team in North Houston, we were tasked with a goal of utilizing content marketing to penetrate the local market in building brand awareness as well as building her authority as the resident real estate expert in a way that achieved increased leads and sales for her and her team.

Since we only focus on the home services industry as an agency, we were already extremely knowledgeable on her ideal customer personas so we were able to focus our efforts on local market research and creating an effective content strategy that would achieve her goals.

Putting our proven systems to work has resulted in a significant increase in audience growth and awareness, record-breaking sales, and successfully breaking into an additional ideal customer base (home builders) which the client had never been able to do before.

Let’s Meet In The Middle: Outsourcing Individual Pieces

Maybe you’re willing to take a few things off your plate, but aren’t comfortable handing everything over to an agency quite yet. That’s ok and makes sense for many! The beauty of outsourcing your marketing efforts is being able to maintain some control over content and strategy, while simplifying your workflow.

For instance–offloading content or copywriting work to an agency introduces a new creative perspective, while removing significant internal work. Keep in mind, if you do choose to outsource individual puzzle pieces of your marketing strategy, chances are you will still need to drive strategy, content workflow, and execution, but it can be a great way to get a taste of outsourcing before completely transferring duties to a full service agency model.

To Sum Things Up

Having a marketing strategy in place is crucial to business growth and success. Whether you choose to work with a professional marketing agency now or in the future, the most important thing to keep in mind is who you work with matters. Take the time to research agencies that align with your goals, budget, and vision, with the results to back it up. There are a lot of marketers and marketing agencies out there, take time to research, ask questions, and ensure you’re bringing on the right team. A few questions we recommend that you ask:

  • Are you familiar with my ideal customer personas?

  • Can you share a recent client success story where you achieved their goals (and how)?

  • Do you understand Authority Marketing?

  • What systems do you have in place to get in the head of your clients and ensure you’re representing them accurately?

SLW Media is an award-winning, full-service social media and content marketing agency led by Sara Wright. We partner with company owners in the design+build, trades, and luxury home services industries to completely remove the burden of social media and content marketing from their plate with quantifiable results – freeing up our client’s time and resources to focus on other key and profitable areas of the business.

Curious about leveraging the power of content marketing to reach high-quality and high-net worth customers?

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